Fast facts

    Lots of people with epilepsy have memory problems

    There are many reasons why lots of people with epilepsy have memory problems

    Stress can make your memory worse

    Lack of sleep can make your memory worse

    People with temporal lobe epilepsy can particularly struggle with memory problems

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    Top tips

    If you’re in education…

    Studying when you have memory problems can be challenging. Let your teachers, tutors or lecturers know you have epilepsy and memory problems. They may be able to do things to help. You may be able to apply for more time with assignments and exams. Many universities and colleges now have lecture capture systems to video or audio record lectures. Or you can ask if you can record lectures yourself on your phone or a voice recorder.

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    Memory problems at work

    It’s up to you if you want tell people at work that you have memory problems. Many people say it helps to tell people at work they have memory problems, and what they can do to help. For example, when asking you to do something, put it in an e-mail or write it down. The strategies that will work for you will depend on the job. Many people who use a computer at work use their e-mail and calendar app to note down tasks or set reminders. There are tips for dealing with specific memory problems on the Epilepsy Action website, many of which will help at work.


    Why some people have memory problems. A short film narrated by Professor Adam Zeman for Epilepsy Research UK

    Stories by you

    Read what Ally does to remember things…

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    Do something

    From all the tips above, are there any you could try to help with memory problems? Why not choose one to try over the next week and see if it helps.


    More info

    There’s more info about what causes memory problems and strategies to help on the Epilepsy Action website

    Epilepsy Action

    If you’re at school, college or university, the BBC bitesize website has tips for remembering things when revising for exams

    BBC Bitesize
    Updated 12 May 2020
    Review 12 May 2023
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