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      Pack plenty of your epilepsy medicine. Enough to last more than the length of your trip. You might need to order it in advance
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      Keep your medicine in the original packaging and take a copy of your prescription with you
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      Carry your medicine on you and in more than one place. You don’t want to risk losing it
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      If there will be a time difference at your destination, plan what time you need to take your medicine. Set reminders on your phone
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      Make sure you are properly insured. To be covered you will need to declare that you have epilepsy when you buy travel insurance
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      Be extra aware of your triggers when you’re going on holiday. Disrupted sleep, travel stress, missing meals, drinking alcohol are more likely if you are going away
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      If you are travelling with other people, ask them to support you in staying safe
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      Plan to get the sleep that you need
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      Stay safe. If you wouldn’t normally swim alone, cycle, have late nights or drink alcohol try to avoid doing these things while you are away
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      Carrying some medical ID and information about how to help if you have a seizure is a good idea
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    Do you have a holiday to look forward to? What are your travel plans and how will you stay safe?



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    Updated 12 May 2020
    Review 12 May 2023
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