Trans: hormones, sex and epilepsy

    There are many ways people express their gender and there are lots of terms that people use to describe their gender. If your gender expression is different from the sex you were assigned at birth the following information may be relevant for you.

    As someone with epilepsy there are some particular issues to do with hormones and pregnancy to be aware of.

    If you have any questions about how these issues apply to you, talk to your healthcare team.

    Fast facts


    Some types of epilepsy can start during puberty (the time when your body changes from a child to an adult)


    It’s very rare to have a seizure triggered by sex


    Some epilepsy medicine can cause you to have less interest in sex


    Periods are more likely to be irregular in people with epilepsy


    Some people have more seizures around the time of their periods


    Your natural hormones or hormone drugs might affect your epilepsy


    Some epilepsy medicines can affect how well hormonal contraception works

    Top tips

    Do something

    If you think there might be a link between seizures and your hormones or hormone treatment, keep a seizure diary.

    Here are different ways you can keep a seizure diary…

    • Notes app on phone

    • Seizure tracker app

    • Order a paper diary from Epilepsy Action

    • Download a paper diary from the Epilepsy Action website

    • Use a notebook

    More info


    There’s more info on the Epilepsy Action website about periods


    There’s more info on the Epilepsy Action website about sex and epilepsy

    Sex and epilepsy

    There’s more info on the Epilepsy Action website about contraception


    More info on hormones and puberty for people female at birth


    Download an Epilepsy Action seizure diary

    Download diary

    Get a free Epilepsy Action paper seizure diary

    Paper diary

    For support with trans health issues, Mermaids is a UK charity supporting trans young people

    Mermaids UK

    Gendered Intelligence supports trans and gender variant young people

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    Review 12 May 2023
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