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    Benefits for people with epilepsy

    There are a number of disability benefits that people with epilepsy can apply for. You don’t have to think of yourself as disabled. Note: If you are studying, see the page about being a student for what help there is for student finances.
    Benefits that some people with epilepsy are eligible for include:

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    Do something #1

    Are you claiming all the benefits you might be entitled to? Is there anything mentioned here that you want to find out more about.

    Top tips for managing your money

    Taking the time to manage your money can help you feel more in charge. A budget is a plan for everything you spend money on and a record of the money you have coming in.

    Budgeting helps you to:


    Know what you can and can’t afford


    Avoid getting into debt (or help you to get out of debt)


    Plan for one-off expenses


    Spot money-saving opportunities

    Budgeting basics


    Need some help with setting a budget? Watch this video for help with what to include.

    Budget tools


    The Money Advice Service has a free budget template and calculator

    Budget template

    The Demotivator – is a tool on the Money Saving Expert website that can help you decide where to cut back your spending

    The Demotivator

    Do something #2

    Use the budget template to work out your budget. Are you spending more than you have coming in? If so, how could you reduce your spending?

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    More info


    There is a list of useful organisations for benefits for support with benefits on the Epilepsy Action website

    Benefits and epilepsy

    Free benefits calculator and grants search tool to help you find out what you might be able to apply for

    Turn 2 Us

    For help with budgeting there are lots of tips on the Money Advice Service website

    Money Advice Service

    The Money Charity – information, advice and guidance to help with managing your money

    The Money Charity

    Dosh is an organisation that support people with a learning disability to manage their money


    Help with managing debt

    If you are worried about money or debt, there are organisations that can help

    Step Change – the debt charity, provides free advice to help you deal with your debts

    Step Change

    Citizens Advice provide advice for a wide range of problems including debt

    Citizens Advice
    Updated 12 May 2020
    Review 12 May 2023
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