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    Epilepsy Action virtual groups

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, coffee and chat groups aren’t happening at the moment. Virtual groups are a different way of staying connected. They are open to people over 18 years old.

    More info about virtual groups

    Virtual groups

    Epilepsy Action social media

    Epilepsy Action is at the centre of friendly and supportive communities across social media:

    Epilepsy Action on Facebook


    Epilepsy Action on Twitter


    Epilepsy Action on Instagram



    Forum4e is Epilepsy Action’s online community for people with epilepsy and carers of people with epilepsy. Visit

    It works great on laptops and desktops, but is due for an upgrade to work well on mobile.

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    Other social media

    These are some social channels that young people have said they find useful:


    YEAH (Young Epilepsy Advocates Hub) is a community for 13-19 year olds with epilepsy on Facebook.

    Epilepsy Positivity

    Epilepsy Positivity is a community to support people affected by epilepsy. They are active on Twitter and Instagram


    There is an epilepsy sub-reddit 


    HealthUnlocked is a social network to connect with people with different health conditions. Epilepsy Action has a set up an epilepsy community on HealthUnlocked

    Updated 12 May 2020
    Review 12 May 2023
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