Fast facts

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      If you hold a driving licence, or want to apply for a driving licence for the first time, you must tell the driving agency about your epilepsy
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      If you don’t tell the driving agency about your epilepsy and keep driving, you’ll be breaking the law and your insurance won’t cover you
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      Many people with epilepsy can drive, as long as they meet the epilepsy driving rules
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      Most people with epilepsy need to be seizure free for 12 months before they’re allowed to drive
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      Some people can hold a licence when they’re not seizure-free, if their seizures are only in their sleep or never affect their awareness
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      The driving rules for a provisional licence are the same as for a full licence
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      You must tell your car insurance company about having epilepsy
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      The rules for a Group 2 driving licence (for example - taxi driver, coach driver, lorry driver) are much stricter

    Top tips

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    Feelings about driving

    Everyone is different when it comes to feelings about driving.

    Some people with epilepsy find not being able to drive hard, especially when their friends or siblings are learning to drive. Remember that lots of people, without epilepsy, also don’t drive. A desire to get their licence back is a motivation for some people to manage their epilepsy as best they can.

    I found it hard when I was 17 and everyone around me was learning to drive.”

    I really want my licence back. I’m nearly a year without a seizure and it makes me always remember to take my meds.”

    Even though I’ve had surgery and don’t have seizures anymore, I’m not going to learn to drive. If I’ve never driven, it will be easier to cope with if I do have a seizure. I don’t want to have something and then for it to be taken away.”

    Stories by you

    Read Paige’s thoughts about having her driving licence taken away.

    Do something #1

    Here are some things that some people do to get on with life without driving:


    What steps could you take to make life without driving easier?

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    Do something #2

    If you want to learn to drive or get back to driving:

    Do you know how you are affected by the driving regulations? Would you be able to hold a driving licence? If not, what would need to happen before you can apply or reapply?

    More info

    There’s more detailed info about driving on the Epilepsy Action website


    Use Epilepsy Action’s online tool to find out when you can drive

    Can I drive?

    The Epilepsy Space page on travel and public transport

    Travel and public transport

    In England, Scotland and Wales you need to tell the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) about your epilepsy


    In Northern Ireland you need to tell the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) about your epilepsy

    Updated 12 May 2020
    Review 12 May 2023
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