Women: hormones, sex and epilepsy

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    If you’re thinking about having children it’s best to plan this well in advance. Ask your doctor or epilepsy nurse about pre-conception counselling


    If you’re worried about sexual problems find someone to talk to (there's some suggestions below)


    Keep a seizure diary


    If you become pregnant, don’t stop taking your epilepsy medicine. Talk to your doctor or nurse as soon as possible

    Stories by you

    Do you have a story to share about sex, hormones or contraception? Get in touch

    Do something

    If you think there might be a link between seizures and your periods, keep a seizure diary. Can you spot any pattern between your menstrual cycle and seizures? If you spot a pattern, talk to your doctor.

    Here are different ways you can keep a seizure diary...

    • Notes app on phone

    • Seizure tracker app

    • Order a paper diary from Epilepsy Action

    • Download a diary you can print from the Epilepsy Action website

    • Use a notebook

    More info

    There’s more info on the Epilepsy Action website about periods


    There’s more info on the Epilepsy Action website about contraception


    There’s more info on the Epilepsy Action website about hormones and puberty


    There’s more information about having a baby on the Epilepsy Action website

    Having a baby

    More information about the risk of sodium medicines in pregnancy on the Epilepsy Action website

    Valproate medicines

    Download an Epilepsy Action seizure diary

    Download diary

    Get a free Epilepsy Action paper seizure diary

    Paper diary

    The Sexual Advice Association has info and advice for sexual problems

    Sexual advice

    Brook is a charity that offers free and confidential sexual health advice for under 25s

    Updated 12 May 2020
    Review 12 May 2023
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