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    Top tips


    Keep regular sleeping hours


    Talk to your doctor if you think your medicine might be affecting your sleep. They may be able to make changes to help


    Avoid drinks containing caffeine late in the day


    If you know you’re going to have a late night, have a nap that day


    Try not to have more than one late night in a row


    Find ways to wind down before bed. There's some suggestions below

    Click or tap the cards for ideas on how to wind down...

    • Girl writing in notebook

      Writing a ‘to do’ list

    • Man doing relaxation exercises

      Doing relaxation exercises

    • Woman lisitng to a relaxation audio track

      Listening to a relaxation audio track

    • Woman ready a book

      Reading a book

    • Teenager with headphones on bed

      Listening to the radio or a podcast

    Create the right environment in your bedroom

    No TV or electronic devices




    A temperature that you find comfortable

    Comfortable bed

    Tap or click the markers

    Stories by you

    Read Paige’s tips for getting enough sleep.


    Tips to improve your sleep by the Mayo Clinic in the United States

    Do something

    Are there any sleep tips you could try to improve your sleep?  If you have a late night or disturbed sleep, write it in your seizure diary and see this affects your seizures.

    More info

    The Epilepsy Action website has more info about sleep

    Epilepsy Action

    NHS sleep guidance


    The Sleep Charity has lots of tips for getting good sleep

    The Sleep Charity
    Updated 12 May 2020
    Review 12 May 2023
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