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    Epilepsy, holidaying and me

    By Kelsey

    Like anyone, people with epilepsy love holidays! Escaping for some sun is what I like. However, it can be a time where seizures are heightened depending on triggers. For an example, one of mine is dehydration. The sun dehydrates the body so it’s vital I stay hydrated. 

    I went on a family holiday to Greece and not long after I turned 18 so I was also legal to drink. However, unlike many other 18 year olds I had other things to think about. We weren’t going to stop for breakfast one day, and just go straight to the beach, I couldn’t wait because I’m such a water baby and love being in the sea. In the end we decided to stop for breakfast and within 15 minutes I had a tonic clonic seizure. If we hadn’t stopped for breakfast, it’s more than likely we would have been in the sea which could have been fatal. 

    My advice for a holiday is to just ensure everyone you're going with is aware of your epilepsy and everything that comes with it

    In 2019 I had my first girls holiday abroad. To ensure my safety I just made sure my friends were aware of what needed to be done in the event of a seizure and showed them the meds and how many of each I needed. 

    Luckily that week abroad was seizure free. I made sure that I kept hydrated and didn’t spend long periods in the sun. Although the bar was all inclusive, I also didn’t take drinking to a level where I was at risk. 

    My advice for a holiday is to ensure everyone you’re going with is aware of your epilepsy and everything that comes with it – the side effects, the aftermath of a seizure and caring for someone who’s having a seizure.