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    How I make sure I get enough sleep

    By Paige

    I sometimes find it difficult to get to sleep on an evening. Because sleep is my main seizure trigger, it’s really important that I get as much sleep as possible. Below I have listed some of the things that help me get enough sleep.

    I find meditating a good way to deal with my emotions. I don’t necessarily meditate just before I get into bed. But as long as I meditate at some point during the day I find that I don’t have any stressful thoughts that keep me awake on an evening.

    Listening to podcasts
    There are lots of podcasts that are designed to send you to sleep. I find listening to them really helps me drift off. Sometimes I listen to relaxing music instead of a podcast, both of which I find very effective.

    Having a routine
    I try to go to bed at the same time every evening and wake up at the same time every morning. I also write out a to-do list before bed. This means I am not distracted thinking about what needs to be done the next day while I am trying to get to sleep.

    Dimming the lights
    About an hour before I want to go to sleep, I turn off the big light, shut down all my electronics and turn on a lamp. If I still have work to do I make an effort to write in a notepad and read from books.

    No napping
    I always find it really tempting to take naps during the day when I am feeling tired. But I know that it will keep me awake for longer on an evening. So when I start to feel sleepy, I like to go for a walk or do something energetic to wake myself back up again.

    Winding down is a really important part of my routine and it sends signals to my body that I am about to sleep. Using all the techniques above I usually find I can fall asleep quite quickly and avoid any seizures I would have had from sleep deprivation.


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