Epilepsy brain surgery

    Fast facts

    Epilepsy brain surgery is an option for some people with epilepsy

    The aim of epilepsy surgery is to improve quality of life by stopping seizures or significantly reducing their frequency and/or severity

    There are many different types of epilepsy brain surgery

    A thorough assessment will be made to find out if epilepsy brain surgery might be suitable

    Surgery will only go ahead if doctors believe that the benefits are greater than the risks

    doctor and patient checking brain scan results

    About epilepsy brain surgery

    Stories by you

    Watch Matt’s vlog about his preparation for possible brain surgery.

    Have you had epilepsy brain surgery? To share your story get in touch.

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    More info

    The Epilepsy Action website has more information about epilepsy brain surgery

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    Updated 12 May 2020
    Review 12 May 2023
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