Vagus nerve stimulation

    Fast facts

    The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body

    Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) can help some people with seizure control

    The stimulator is a small electrical device, inserted into your chest wall, a bit like a pacemaker

    The VNS device sends electrical impulses via the vagus nerve to the brain, with the aim of reducing the number of seizures and making them less severe

    VNS is usually used in addition to taking epilepsy medicine, to help control seizures

    Diagram showing placement of the VNS generator in a persons chest


    About VNS

    6 out of 10 people who have VNS fitted find that the number of seizures they have is halved

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    More info

    The Epilepsy Action website explains more about VNS

    Epilepsy Action website

    Liva Nova is the company that provides VNS. Learn more on the VNS therapy website, including more info on how VNS works and patient stories

    VNS Therapy website
    Updated 12 May 2020
    Review 12 May 2023
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