Ketogenic diet

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      The ketogenic diet, also called ketogenic therapy or keto for short, is a specialist diet used to control seizures
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      The keto diet is high in fat and low in carbohydrate. Protein is also carefully controlled
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      Fasting and special diets have been used to control epilepsy since 500BC
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      The ketogenic diet has been shown to help control seizures in children. There is less evidence for how effective it is for adults
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      It is a strict diet that should always be done with the support of a specialist dietitian
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      The ketogenic diet isn’t suitable for everyone. Not everyone finds it effective or is able to tolerate it
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    About the ketogenic diet

    Stories by you

    Have you tried the ketogenic diet as an epilepsy treatment? To share your story get in touch.

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    More info

    Matthew’s Friends is a charity that supports people following the ketogenic diet. They have a lot of information about diet, incuding recipe ideas

    Matthew's Friends

    The Epilepsy Action website has more information about the ketogenic diet

    Epilepsy Action
    Updated 12 May 2020
    Review 12 May 2023
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